What Apple’s AR/VR Headset Could Look Like

Render creator Ian Zelbo has shared a trio of high-quality product renders of Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset that’s expected to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2022. “The renders are based on earlier reporting from The Information and showcase the device in crisp 8K images,” reports Screen Rant. “Zelbo’s previously done renders for AirTag, iPhone 13, and other Apple gadgets leading up to their release — all of which have been incredibly representative of the final product.” From the report: Assuming Apple’s headset actually looks like this, it could be one of the best-designed gadgets in the niche so far. The front of the headset is taken up entirely by curved glass, with the frame touting a sleek (likely aluminum) construction. Behind that glass is a mesh fabric cushion — not unlike the cushions used for the earcups on AirPods Max. That AirPods Max inspiration is also seen with the oval button on top of the headset.

Moving to the headset’s strap, there’s clear inspiration taken from the Apple Watch’s sport band. It appears to have the same silicon design, loops, and metal clasp. The back of the headband also bears a resemblance to Apple’s AirTag Loop accessory thanks to its open design. Not only does the whole package look good, but it should also result in a very comfortable wearing experience. If the face cushion and head strap are even half as comfortable as the products they’re inspired by, that’s worth getting excited for.

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