Halo’s Trailer for Season 2 Teases More Covenant

Halo — the TV series — launches its second season on February 8th. But today a trailer premiered during halftime of the pre-Super Bowl football playoff.

Gizmodo reports:
Even though the Covenant are the other side of Halo’s ongoing conflict, the first season of Paramount+’s TV series largely represented them through a human proxy named Makee. With the upcoming second season, the coalition of alien races is set to become a more prominent threat, and that means they’ll be getting more proper screentime.

IGN had written that Season 1 “isn’t a perfect adaptation of the games, but it ultimately succeeds in expanding the series’ mythology and taking a more character-driven approach to Master Chief’s adventures.” This week Paramount+ also released a 28-minute compilation of “Epic Battle Scenes from Season 1, a season which reportedly cost $200 million to film.
And now the entertainment site Collider reports on what comes next:

While on the set for Halo Season 2, Collider’s Steve Weintraub and some other reporters got the chance to sit down with stars Schreiber and Kate Kennedy to discuss how the show will further flesh out the Covenant in the upcoming episodes. Part of that involves expanding their arsenal with new vehicles like the corvette, a class of ships used in the Halo canon by the Covenant for reconnaissance, stealth, and much more. Kennedy placed it among her favorite Season 2 set designs, saying… “It’s huge, and what the set guys did for it, and the art department, is really, really impressive. They turned it around so quickly, and it’s, like, awe-inspiring, it’s huge.”

Aside from making the Covenant more formidable, Season 2 will also focus on making them more understandable. Part of that involves diving into the thought process of key players within the alien faction, including two that Schreiber could tease. “Yeah, we definitely go into the Covenant mind-state, mentality,” he said… In future seasons, Schreiber believes Halo will only continue to develop the Covenant, their motives, and the relationships and allegiances within the coalition as the story of intergalactic war unfolds.

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YouTube TV Nabs Its First Technical Emmy Win For ‘Views’ Feature

YouTube TV just won its first Technical Emmy award for its “Views” suite of features, which lets users access sports highlights, key plays, player stats and game scores. TechCrunch reports: At the 74th annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards last night, YouTube TV was declared the winner for the category “AI-ML Curation of Sports Highlights.” The tech company also announced today that Key Plays reached a notable milestone — the feature was used in over 10 million watch sessions on the platform. Last year, viewers used key plays the most during the World Cup, regular season NFL games and Premier League matches.

The Key Plays view tracks important plays in a game. Users can tap on the plays to rewatch when it occurs in the game. This is helpful for users that missed a live game and want to catch up on key moments. When YouTube TV launched Views in 2018, it was only available for baseball, basketball, football and hockey. Soccer and golf were added later on. The suite of features was also initially limited to phones and tablets. Today, the feature is available within the YouTube TV app across smart TVs and mobile devices.

In addition to Stats, Key Plays and Scores View, there’s also Fantasy Football View, which is a mobile-only feature and lets users link their existing fantasy football account. That way, when a user is watching NFL games on YouTube TV, the feature allows them to see how their team is performing in real time. Plus, there’s a “Jump to” function for users to quickly access a segment they want to view, which is especially handy for tennis fans and for users watching the Olympics. “Views came out of a team brainstorm about five years ago and launched about a year after YouTube TV,” said Kathryn Cochrane, YouTube TV’s group project manager, in a company blog post. “A lot of our viewers are devoted sports fans, and we found that when they watch sports, they aren’t just looking at what’s on the big screen. They were also actively on their phones, finding more details such as stats for their fantasy football league, updates from other games, and more, all to enhance what they were already watching.”

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