Seagate Announces Dual-Actuator MACH.2 Drive – and Star Wars, Black Panther Themed Drives

An anonymous reader writes that Seagate Technology has launched its second generation dual actuator MACH.2 series hard drives. “Computing power, storage capacities, and storage performance: all must continue moving forward in order for technology innovators to solve humanity’s greatest challenges,” boasts Seagate’s page for the drives:

MACH.2 is the world’s first multi-actuator hard drive technology, containing two independent actuators that transfer data concurrently. MACH.2 solves the need for increased performance by enabling parallelism of data flows in and out of a single hard drive. By allowing the data center host computer to request and receive data from two areas of the drive simultaneously, MACH.2 doubles the IOPS performance of each individual hard drive…. MACH.2 provides up to 2x performance — with two independent actuators and data paths, it enables concurrent I/O streams to and from the host.
Seagate claims it offers “optimal latency” by improving sequential peformance to double data transfer rates over single-actuator drives.
And in other news, Seagate is selling hard drives with commemorative Star Wars themes, including the Mandalorian drive, the Grogu drive, and the Boba Fett drive. (It’s in addition to Seagate’s officially licensed external drive for God of War Ragnarök — optimised for PS4 and PS5, delivering “the ability to play PS4 games directly from the drive.”) Seagate also made drives commemorating Marvel’s Avengers and Spider-Man, and now has new drives for Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever .

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New Avatar Movie and Star Wars TV Trailers Revealed at D23 Conference

CNET reveals some Star Wars news shared at Disney’s three-day “D23 Expo.”

Fans were probably most thrilled by the reveal of a new Mandalorian trailer for the upcoming third season of the hit show that brought us Baby Yoda in all his cuteness… Lucasfilm also dropped a final trailer for upcoming Disney Plus series Andor. Diego Luna plays Cassian Andor as he’s recruited into the rebellion against the Empire. The show takes place five years before the events of Rogue One.

And the studio presented a trailer for Tales of the Jedi, which offers six original shorts about Ahsoka and Dooku, and arrives October 26. Fans also got a glimpse, though not a trailer, showing Jude Law, who’s starring in Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, a story about a group of younglings lost in space.

Also revealed was a “developer update” trailer for the upcoming mobile game Avatar: Reckoning, as part of the news about other franchises:

James Cameron called in to the event from New Zealand to discuss Avatar: The Way of Water, and the crowd was given 3D glasses to watch some breathtaking footage [from] Cameron’s long-awaited sequel… ahead of its December 16 release.

An exclusive clip from The Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania featured Kang holding Cassie Lang hostage and trying to force Scott to steal something for him. Also featured: Bill Murray!

Samuel L. Jackson returns as Nick Fury in a new Disney Plus show called Secret Invasion, where Fury and friends (Oscar-winner Olivia Colman among them!) takes on shape-changing Skrulls. The trailer looks intense.”

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Some Fans React Negatively to Disney’s Promos for Star Wars-Themed Hotel

SFGate pan’s Disney’s efforts at “hyping up its mega-expensive, hyper-immersive Star Wars hotel in Walt Disney World” — the Galactic Starcruiser — as its March 1st opening approaches:

Guests must book two nights — which will set you back nearly $5,000 for two people or $6,000 for a family of four — and will spend most of their time inside the spaceship resort, much like a cruise. There’s an “excursion” into the Galaxy’s Edge part of Disney World, while the remainder of the stay includes interactions with characters, lightsaber training (more on that later) and exclusive restaurants…

The look and feel of the hotel has been criticized as looking plastic and cheap, and reception to one sneak peek video was so bad, it has since disappeared from Disney’s YouTube channel.

The video showed actor Sean Giambrone of “The Goldbergs” being given a tour of some of the ship’s features, which look pretty bare and antiseptic for the Star Wars universe, and listening to a strange musical performance. (Another user uploaded the deleted video here.) The promo prompted one Twitter user to comment, “Bro this isn’t Star Wars, this is ‘Space Conflicts.'” Fans responded similarly to a demo of Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro testing out the vaunted lightsaber training. Instead of a flashy, super realistic adventure, the training consisted of a standard light-up lightsaber and some lasers…

Reservations booked up quickly when the hotel was announced but now, as the 90-day deadline to cancel approaches, people appear to be ducking out of their expensive commitments; a number of openings have begun popping up in March, April and June.

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