Samsung Submits Patent Application On a Rollable Smartwatch With a Camera

According to recently-submitted patent application spotted by LetsGoDigital, Samsung may be working on a rollable smartwatch equipped with a camera and two separate displays. PhoneArena reports: The device looks like a regular Galaxy Watch with a display that features two parts on the top and bottom of the screen that can be expanded both independently or simultaneously. The watch also is equipped with a camera located in the middle portion between the two “rollable” portions of the display that can take photos and record videos.Besides optional sensors that could be built into the watch, a flash also could be part of the watch’s photography system.

A patent titled “Electronic device comprising rollable display and display method therefor” was submitted to the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) on June 2, 2021. To expand the watch display, the user presses the crown on the side of the watch. When fully opened the screen is 40% larger than the size when closed. The screen can also be expanded or reduced by making a swiping gesture across the display. When fully opened, the rollable Galaxy smartwatch has an oval shape allowing for additional content to appear. The user can decide whether he wants one side extended or both sides. This can also depend on a particular app being used. The large portion of the display (the part extended) could show the app while the part that is not extended can show the app controls.

As Lets Go Digital points out, the timepiece depicted in the patent is not the first to offer a flexible screen. That honor goes to the Nubia Alpha which was worn on the wrist but featured a long bendable display. The device featured a camera that could allow users to take part in a video chat, and also could make or take phone calls, get the time, set alarms, and more.

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